Welcome to the website of Alipi, a Regional Integration Service Point.

Alipi is open on Mon 12-15 and Tue-Fri  9-15. Alipi is located at Palvelutori, Shopping centre Trio 2nd floor on Aleksanterinkatu 18, 15140 Lahti. 

Regional Integration Service Point (Alipi) provides information, guidance and consultation in matters related to immigration to immigrants, authorities, employers, as well as to different organisations and parties in our service area that need more information and consultation services about immigration-related matters. Our services are free of charge. We can use translators when/if necessary. We hope you book a time with us in advance. You can also visit us without a booking, and in such a case you should be prepared to wait for your turn.

Alipi is intended for all immigrants in our area regardless of the reasons for moving to Finland and the length of their stay. Our service area comprises all Päijät-Häme (Lahti Region), Pukkila and Myrskylä.  

You can contact us by phone or e-mail or come to see us at our service point.

Opening hours: Mon 12-15, Tue-Fri 9-15

Contact information:
E-mail: alipi@lahti.fi
Service Counselor, tel. 050 539 1604 (Finnish, English, Russian)
Service Counselor, tel. 050 539 1649 (Finnish, English, Swedish, German)
Service Counselor, tel. 050 539 1650 (Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish)
Counselor, tel. 044 018 7236 (Arabic, Finnish, English)


Regional integration service point Alipi


We offer you personal advice and guidance in the following:

  • immigration-related issues (registration, permit matters)
  • information on the rights and obligations of migrants (legislation)
  • advice and information about the authorities and in Finnish public services 
  • advice about everyday housing, work, social security, education etc.)
  • other problems of everyday life 

As part of our counseling service, we will direct you towards any other necessary services. You can get guidance and counseling in Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. If it is necessary, we can use an interpreter. Our service is free of charge. 

We offer the authorities, different organisations and other parties within our service area advice and counseling services in immigration on the following matters: 

  • general advice on immigration matters 
  • consultation in individual client cases