Instructions on arriving from Ukraine – Welcome to Lahti

українською мовою: Рекомендації для осіб, які приїхали з України – Ласкаво просимо в Лахті!

In Finnish: Ohjeita Ukrainasta saapuville - Tervetuloa Lahteen (

We have compiled information package for those arriving from Ukraine to Lahti for you to get off to a good start.

Lahti is one of the largest cities in Finland and the central city of Päijät-Häme region with 120 000 inhabitants. Residents of Lahti appreciate the services offered by a large city, smooth everyday life and its location close to nature.

We have compiled information for you ensuring you get off to a good start here.

Various options to arrive in Finland from Ukraine

There are several options to arrive in Finland. The status you have upon your arrival plays a key role in what services you are entitle to in Finland.

Additional information: Instructions on arriving in Finland from Ukraine (

Additional information in Ukrainian:


Applications are received at Lahti Main Police Station, address Esikuntakatu 4, 15700. The customer service is open Mon – Fri 8–16.15. Please submit your official passport photo or the photo studio's passport photo code personalised by your name and UMA-customer number directly to the reception centre's email address

Individual applicant or small group may come without prior notice, the best time is during morning time office hours. You will get a form at the police info desk to fill in using your own mother tongue. An interpreter may not be needed.

If there is a large group coming (more than ten people), to avoid congestion, it is a worthwhile to send an e-mail in advance: Briefly describe in the message who is coming and the contact person's e-mail and telephone number so that the police can foresee, resource and prepare to receive the group's applications on a date to be agreed. The group also arrives via the information desk and everyone fills in a form.

Contact info: Lahti Main Police Station, licence services

Guidance and counseling

Regional Integration Service Point (Alipi) offers guidance and counseling services in multiple languages at the service point in Palvelutori in Trio Shopping Centre, Aleksanterinkatu 18 A, 2nd floor, Mon–Fri at 9.00–15.00.

Alipi Facebook

Alipi Twitter

Alipi mobile app:

t. 050 539 1604 (Finnish, English, Russian)

t. 050 539 1649 (Finnish, English, German, Swedish)

t. 050 539 1650 (Finnish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish)

Primary education and pre-school education

You can apply for admission to place in education for your child as soon as you have applied for temporary protection or asylum. Pre-school and primary education are organized in Lahti for children aged 6–16.

Applying for a place in education: Send the student's name, date of birth and home address to by e-mail. You can send the information in Finnish or in English, Russian or Ukrainian.

Pre-schoolers come to school preparatory groups.

Study opportunities offered by LUT and LAB

LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences offer study opportunities to Ukrainian refugees free of charge until 31 July 2023. The study opportunities apply to everyone for whom the Finnish Immigration Service has granted temporary protection in Finland.

Information on available studies and admission requirements is available on the websites of LUT and LAB.

Further information: Study opportunities at LUT (in English)

Further information: Study opportunities at LAB (in English)

Free Finnish and physical education courses

Wellamo Community College offers Finnish and physical education courses to Ukrainians free of charge in Lahti. Sign-ups are still open. The courses for fall have started, but there is still space for new applicants.

Public transport LSL

Starting March 2nd 2022, Ukrainian citizens can travel by all VR trains free of charge by showing their passport to the conductor.

Library services are free of charge for everyone.

Veterinary services

Pets arriving in Finland must have valid vaccines and parasite medication to prevent Echinococcus. When required, the city will pay for the measures needed for pets arriving in Lahti from Ukraine. Inquiries:

City of Lahti veterinary t. 044 416 2749, telephone time and appointment booking weekdays 8-9 o'clock.

Additional information: Ve­te­ri­na­ry Ser­vi­ces (

Finnish Food Authority on isolation instructions: Isolation instructions for dogs, cats and ferrets in special situations

Social and health services

Päijät-Sote is preparing for the organization of social and health services for Ukrainians fleeing the war in the Päijät-Häme region.

Additional information:

In the event of a serious, life-threatening illness or accident, call the general emergency number 112.

Financial support

Reception centres in Finland are responsible for the financial support of asylum seekers.

If you have not applied for asylum and need urgent support, contact Kela's service point or telephone service: Kela's Lahti service point address Kirkkokatu 8, open Mon-Fri 12-16. Benefit support telephone service 020 692 207

Additional information: Right to social security (


The right to work in Finland depends on the status of entry.

  • If you are granted residence permit according to temporary protection directive, you can work and study without limitations.
  • If you are in Finland as asylum seeker, you are allowed to work three or six months after you have applied for asylum.
  • If you are in Finland visa-free and want to work, you may work in certain jobs.
  • If you have workplace in Finland, you can also apply residence permit based on that.

Inquiries: Hämeen TE-toimisto,

Additional information:


Facebook group for those who need help with food and supplies: Центр допомоги українським біженцям Lahti, Sammonkatu 8.❗ONLY FOR UKRAINIAN | Facebook
New group for volunteers: ❗Лише для фінів❗Ukrainan pakolaisten vapaaehtoiskeskus, Lahti Sammonkatu
Further information: Supplies & Help for Ukrainians Lahti/Päijät-Häme ~ Tarvikekeräys (Facebook)