Housing and finance


You can look for a rental apartment, for example, from the following addresses:
Lahden talot (housing in Lahti) https://lahdentalot.fi/free-apartments/?lang=en&status=Vapaa|Vapautumassa
Orimattilan Asunnot (apartments in Orimattila): http://orimattilanasunnot.fi/
In Hartola: https://hartola.fi/asuminen-ja-rakentaminen/asuminen/vuokra-asunnot/
Rental apartments in Hollola municipality:  https://www.hollolanasuntotalot.fi/
In Heinola: https://heinolanvuokra-asunnot.fi/
In Iitti: https://www.iitinvuokratalot.fi/etusivu
In Asikkala: https://www.asikkala.fi/asuminen-ja-tontit/kunnan-vuokra-asunnot/
In Myrskylä, Kärkölä and Pukkila: https://kas.fi/
In Sysmä: https://www.sysma.fi/asunnot
In Padasjoki: https://www.padasjoki.fi/fi/Palvelut/Asuminen/Padasjoen-Asuntotalot-Oy

Lumo https://lumo.fi/vuokra-asunnot
Sato https://www.sato.fi/fi/vuokra-asunnot
M2 https://asunnot.m2kodit.fi
OVV https://www.ovv.com/
Realia https://www.realiaasuntovuokraus.fi/vuokra-asunnot/lahti
Colliers https://www2.colliers.com/fi-fi/finland/cities/lahti
Lahden seudun nuorisoasunnot ry  (Lasna) (Only for youth under 30 years of age) http://www.nallahti.fi/

You can find rental apartments offered by various landlords, including private ones, for example from: Tori.fi: https://www.tori.fi/
Vuokraovi: https://www.vuokraovi.com/vuokra-asunnot/P%C3%A4ij%C3%A4t-H%C3%A4me
Oikotie https://oikotie.fi/

Student Accommodation

Lahden talot https://lahdentalot.fi/opiskelijalle/?lang=en

Rental Agreements

When you move into a rental apartment, you must sign a written lease agreement with the landlord. The lease can be a fixed-term or an indefinite one. A fixed-term lease is always valid for a certain period of time, for example for a year. It ends automatically, but it cannot usually be terminated in the middle of a contract. The lease, which is valid until further notice, continues until terminated by the resident or by the landlord. If the resident terminates the contract, the notice period is one month. If the owner of the apartment terminates the contract, the notice period is 3-6 months.

Notification of change of address

When you move into a new apartment, be sure to make a notification of change of address. You can make this notification no earlier than one month before the date of the move, but no later than one week after the move. The move must always be reported to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You can make the notification: 

  • Online to the Post Office or the Finnish Digital Agency: https://www.posti.fi/changeaddress/
  • Or by using a paper form, that you can get from the post office or from the service point of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency 
  • If you live in an apartment house or in a row house remember always to inform the house manager of your move. 

Housing allowance

If you have a low income you can apply for a housing allowance from Kela. Many Kela benefits can be applied for on-line here:

Rental Security Deposit

You will usually need to pay a rental security deposit before you can move in to your new apartment. The rental security deposit means that the tenant pays the landlord an additional amount of money in advance, which is usually equivalent to the cost of the rent for one or two months. You will get your money back when you move out, on the condition that the apartment is clean and in good condition and that you have paid your rent on time. If the resident does not pay his/her rent or damages the apartment, the landlord has the right to keep the rental security deposit.  
In certain situations, Kela may grant basic social assistance for paying the rental security amount. The rental security deposit is usually given in the form of a voucher to your landlord.

Sorting of waste and recycling

You need to put your waste in different receptacles in your home and take the waste to the correct common bins provided for them. For more detailed instructions about waste sorting and recycling in different municipalities of the Päijä-Häme Region see here: https://salpakierto.fi/neuvonta/jatehaku/

Apartment house rules

Every apartment house has rules for behaviour when living in them, and all residents must follow these. In that way living in the house will be comfortable and safe for all residents. The rules tell you when the front door of an apartment building is unlocked and when residents in the house need to be quiet. In the rules, the resident can also find instructions for how to use the common areas of the apartment house, such as a laundry room or the sauna. If a resident breaks the rules of the house many times and seriously so, the landlord can terminate their lease. Then the resident is forced to move out. You can read more about living rules and requirements in different languages here: https://pakolaisapu.fi/asumisen-oppaat/

Home Insurance

It is always worth taking out home insurance for your home, and sometimes it is even compulsory.
Home insurance is sold by insurance companies and you can easily order it online, for example from these insurance companies 
OP https://www.op.fi/private-customers/insurance/home-insurance
IF https://www.if.fi/en/private-customers/insurances/home-insurance/flat-or-terraced-house
Lähitapiola https://www.lahitapiola.fi/henkilo/vakuutukset-ja-elake/koti-ja-mokki/kotivakuutus
Fennia https://www.fennia.fi/koti-ja-omaisuus
Turva https://www.turva.fi/henkiloasiakkaat/vakuutukset/kotivakuutus

Electricity contract

Usually, apartments also need to have their own electricity contract. Check with the landlord about this. If necessary, enter into an electricity contract with the local electricity company: 
Oomi Energia https://oomi.fi/en/electricity/electricity-contracts/

Housing Counseling


If you live in a rental apartment in Lahti, you can ask a housing counselor for advice and help.
You can get guidance and counseling from a housing counselor regarding housing and rent payment issues. You can contact housing counseling about the following questions, for example:  

  • If you are homeless or otherwise looking for an apartment and need guidance and advice on applying for an apartment. The housing counselor will map out your situation and also refer you to the necessary services  
  • With challenging housing situations: rent payment problems, tenancy issues and the threat of losing a home, you can get advice and guidance from a housing counselor 


If you become homeless, contact the social services office in the town or municipality where you live. There you can also find help when looking for an apartment or for temporary accommodation. Temporary accommodation can be in a dormitory, a hostel or an apartment for the homeless.


Bank Accounts, On-line Banking Credentials 

You will need a bank account to handle your finances. When you open a bank account, it is required to have a passport, a foreigner’s personal I.D. card or other official identity card. Please note that a driving license is not an official identity card. At the same time, you should also apply for on-line banking credentials. With the help of on-line banking credentials, you can handle many official matters online (for example, Kela, the TE Office, Traficom and health services).


Are you entitled to get any benefits from Kela? You can take care of nearly all Kela matters on the website: https://www.kela.fi/web/en/main-page. You can also reserve a time with the telephone service or at a service point.  The service point in your own municipality can be found on the website: https://www.kela.fi/web/en/customer-service-locator

Finance and debt counseling 

If you have financial problems and have debts, contact the financial and debt counseling service of the Päijät-Häme Legal Aid Office. Using this service will cost you nothing. https://oikeus.fi/talousjavelkaneuvonta/en/index.html