Children and youngsters


The goal of early childhood education is to promote the development and learning of the child. In the kindergarten the child also learns social skills and gets support with learning the Finnish language if their own mother tongue is something else. Lahti kindergartens can be found here:
There are also two English-language kindergartens in Lahti: and

For other municipalities, see their own websites!


Before the start of primary school your child has the right to free-of-charge pre-school:


Public playgrounds offer safe, varied and comfortable play environments. Playgrounds in the Lahti area can be found here:
You can find playgrounds in other municipalities in the area on the website of your municipality.

Club Activity 

Fun things to do and the chance for children to be together with others is organised by the parishes, school clubs, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) family cafés, 4-H associations and sports clubs of your municipality.

Basic Education

All children living permanently in Finland are required to attend school, i.e. they must receive basic education. Compulsory education is a thing laid down by law. This compulsory school going begins the year that the child turns 7, and ends when the basic education curriculum has been completed, or at the latest when the pupil reaches the age of 18. 

The basic education services take care of the basic education of the city of Lahti, as well as organising morning, afternoon and club activities for schoolchildren. Read more here:
Perusopetusta - Lahti

More from the different municipalities in the operational area of Alipi:
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Vocational education and training

Practical vocational studies get a student qualified for a particular skills area. Vocational schools in the city of Lahti can be found here: VET - Lahti
Other municipalities in our service area:
Heinola: Heinola kampus – Salpaus Further Education  and  Training calendar - Vierumäki (
Asikkala: Asikkala Campus – Salpaus Further Education 

General Upper secondary Schools

The general upper secondary / high school (lukio) lasts three years on average and comprises general education that prepares students for higher education. 

General upper secondary education is offered at the following schools in Lahti 

Lahti Gaudia lukio:
Lahti Lyseo lukio:
Lahti Yhteiskoulu  lukio:
Lahti Yhteiskoulu adult lukio, for evening classes:
Lahti Steiner School lukio:

The general upper secondary schools of other municipalities in our operating area:

Lahti Family Centre

The family centre includes maternity and child counseling services, rehabilitation services for children and young people, mental health and family counseling services for minors, family law services, everyday support services and a meeting place called Perhetilkku. The street address is Mariankatu 10, 2nd floor.

The services of other municipalities can be accessed here:

Employment services for young people

Lahti offers the unemployed young citizens of Lahti aged 17 to 29 a wide range of job and work trial opportunities. 
More information: 


Ohjaamo in Lahti offers free assistance to young people under the age of 30, for such things as looking for study- and workplaces. There you can, for example, update your CV with the help of a job coach or speak to a housing counselor. 

MLL (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare) Phone and chat service for children and youngsters

On the nationwide phone and chat service for children and youngsters, you can talk about anything and in confidence, free of charge. You can also contact us anonymously. The telephone for children and young people is on call at 116111. You can call from Mon-Fri 14-20 and Sat-Sun 17-20. The chat can be found on the website:

Mental health and intoxicant abuse services for children and youth 

To make appointments and get counseling by telephone for the Lahti Region, mental health and family counseling services for minors are available at 03-818 3700 on weekdays from 12 to 14. You can also make an electronic request for the service you need on the site: